Hello / Vanakkam / Namaste

I’ve always been fascinated by blogging. For several reasons.

  1. Just listen to the word. ‘Blog.’ It sounds great – just the kind of word to set one’s imagination lose. Not to mention the words it rhymes with – there’s slog, for one. Flog, for another. I’ve put myself through the first and seen the second – so why not do the third and round it off nicely?
  2. I used to write. A lot. Of late, however, I don’t. At all. And what better way to get back to serious writing than by doing a lot of non-serious writing? And what better way to do that than through a blog?
  3. I’m a mechanical engineering student at quite a hard college. Most of my days involve calculators, numbers and textbooks that are too heavy to carry in one hand. A blog might ensure that the right side of my brain doesn’t pack away and head to Costa Rica.

So, there you go. Let’s put a Pillayar Chuzhi and hope for the best:


3 thoughts on “Hello / Vanakkam / Namaste

    • an image search on google wasn’t very useful…for some reason, the thing believes pillayar suzhi and vijaykanth go hand in hand.
      so, i had to resort to the best tools at my disposal (MS Word). Thought it was quite good, considering

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