The Winter Break

It’s a break from college that’s neither here nor there. Way too short to pick up new skills, and yet lengthy enough to get me bored. It isn’t so long that I forget the scars of the previous semester, but it gives me enough time to forget the names of new acquaintances. Too short to be productive, too long to just be a relaxing recharger. The winter break is a classic example of what happens when a vacation can’t quite makes up its mind about what it wants to be.

A semester of college can take a lot out of a person. The little flame of excitement that I experience at the beginning of every semester, the hope that my classes would somehow get more interesting and easy over time – that little flame is usually extinguished within the first two weeks. From that point on, the journey is more like that of a Vijaykanth villain. (“Let’s shoot him!” But Captain’s chest is so resistant to plastic deformation that the bullets just bounce off. “Let’s electrocute him!” Alas, you dimwits, Captain may be shock inducing but he’s shock-proof. “Oho. It’s like that, is it. Ok. Then send 10 strong men after him in a crowded, small supermarket. First of all that monkey is too big to walk in the aisles…” And here you encounter a moral that Captain espouses and strongly believes in – looks can be deceiving. He may be imbued with slightly larger than average sized bones, but Mr. Vijaykanth is light enough to suspend his entire weight on one end of a shopping cart. No matter what you throw at him, Captain’s special powers save him.) Similarly, I scheme and plan and do a lot of hard work, and yet somehow the Semester manages to get the better of me.

And at the end of such a semester, the last thing I need is a break experiencing an identity crisis.


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