‘Tis the season for resolving things. No, I’m not talking about rotating that dial on a microscope that lets you see things more clearly; no, I’m not referring to resolving a dispute with your neighbours; and, before you ask, I’m definitely not talking about solving a problem dealing with vectors in Physics.
I guess I should have been a bit more explicit. Since, from yesterday, we have to start writing ‘10’ instead of ‘09’ at the end of dates (no, I’m not talking about the middle-eastern variety…sigh), it’s the time of the year when people decide to do (or not do) certain things.

So, here are the things I resolve to do this year:

(1) Attainable targets:

– Make sure I never write ‘09’ instead of ‘10’ while noting down the date.
– Ensure I don’t say “oh-ten” when referring to the year. 10 years of saying things like “oh-five,” “oh-nine”, and so on are enough to corrupt the tongue.

(2) Slightly more difficult, but doable:

– Write. Also, blog.
– Play the violin often enough for it to qualify as a ‘regular’ activity.

(3) Downright hard:

– Use the gym as a place in which to work out, not hang out
– Learn to do cartwheels
– Cure cancer

In the spirit of New Year resolutions, I shall do (1) with ease, work hard on (2), and forget all about (3).

Happy New Year!


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