Mostly About “Retiring”

If there is one word in the Queen’s language that Mr. Mokkasamy detests, it’s the word ‘tire.’ He never uses it. So what does he say instead, you ask?

Well –

Friend (as of the time of this conversation): Hey Mokkasamy, how are you?

Mokkasamy: Hey! As of now, I’m doing great. But I just got back from the dentist’s, he says he’s going to pull out my teeth.

Friend: Whoa, that’s horrible!

Mokka: Yeah man, he wants to make me a Bokka-samy.

(Friend turns into acquaintance)

Acquaintance: Dei. One more blade like that and I’ll sock you across the face.

Mokka: Oho. Then I’ll be Socka-samy.

Acquaintance-wanting-to-change-topic: Hey, just remembered you ran the half marathon yesterday. You must be very tired, no?

Mokka: Tired. The only word I don’t like in English.

Acquaintance (confused): Eh? So you’re not tired?

Mokka: No. I’ve been tired millions of times in my life. I got re-tired after the marathon.

Acquaintance: Oh, you retired from the marathon?

Mokka: Fool. I meant that I became tired once again – I “re”-tired.

(Acquaintance becomes enemy)

Um, sorry about that. That conversation was not the point of this post.
This was the point:
Have you ever thought of what you would do once you retired (ahem…not using the word in the Mokkasamy sense)? Well, after a vacation in which I’ve been pretty jobless, I think I now know.

    – Read trash (Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, and so on…). And maybe some good stuff (John Updike, Wodehouse)
    – Start following a TV show, watch too much of it, start hating it (Boston Legal)
    – Start a blog (Ready, Steady, Vetti)
    – Play the violin and/or other instruments (like the keyboard)
    – Play video games (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
    – Write (it’s what I’m doing right now)

In other words, I’d do a lot of things, and yet absolutely nothing. Ah bliss, you are not far away.


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