What does that bring to mind?

“Sorry for being late, I headed over as soon as I finished my ice cream. Sooo. What’s up?”

“Oh you know, same ol’ same ol’. Except for the lying on a hospital bed part.”

“Right, right. Sooo, what are you calling it?”


“Sorry, him. The baby.”

“Her. I haven’t thought that far yet.”

“What else were you doing the past few months?”

“Coby! It’s not like I expected her to pop out 20 weeks early.”

“Sure. Anyway, you’re in luck. I thought up a few options on my way over.”

“Are they boy names? Because a moment ago you thought she was a…”

“Listen. She popped out of you prematurely. Unexpectedly. What does that bring to mind?”


“A volcano. Exactly. Now what does that bring to mind?”

“Your mind? Or a normal one?”

“Magma. What a name!”


“Little Magma! Bless her heart. You likey?”

“Bring out the birth certificate!”

“I knew it!”

“You want me to name my baby after a thing that incinerates whatever gets in its way?”

“I –”

“You know what that brings to my mind? Child protective services! To whom I’ll have to explain why I let a narcissistic, piece of scum brother, who wouldn’t deign to get to my bedside until he was done slurping his ice cream, name my little girl!”

Pause. “So, more of a boy’s name you think?”


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